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Add Query Suggestions to Autocomplete

From December 31, 2023, Algolia’s Search and Discovery application can’t modify the coding of Shopify themes. For more information, refer to Shopify’s Asset API documentation. As an alternative, Algolia offers Shopify’s App Embed and App Blocks features for Autocomplete and InstantSearch interfaces. For more information, refer to the Quick start and Shopify Algolia configuration documentation.

The default Shopify templates include Autocomplete search out-of-the-box. This lets users search across selected indexes for products, collections, blogs, or pages.

Algolia Query Suggestions generate suggested search terms based on popular searches.

If you want to use Query Suggestions in the Algolia Search and Discovery app, you must:

  • Use an Algolia application with the Query Suggestions feature turned on.
  • Enable Query Suggestions for Autocomplete.

Enable Query Suggestions for Autocomplete

  1. Open the Search options tab in the Algolia Search and Discovery app
  2. Go to the Autocomplete configuration options section
  3. Select the Enable Query Suggestions option.

The Query Suggestions options in the Autocomplete configuration screen in the Shopify admin

By default, the engine uses an index name computed with your index prefix. If the index name doesn’t correspond to your Query Suggestions index name, you can replace it.

  1. Click Save. Your Autocomplete menu should now show Query Suggestions.
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