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Integrations / Zendesk

After installing Algolia for Zendesk, your public help center articles will be synced with Algolia. You can also trigger an update manually from the Data Hub Tasks list.

What gets indexed by Algolia

The Algolia connector indexes the following Zendesk content:

Only public articles are indexed.

After your Zendesk articles are indexed, you can check the details of your indices in the Algolia dashboard

What doesn’t get indexed by Algolia

  • Content from Zendesk community forums
  • Articles that aren’t visible to everybody
  • Draft articles

To exclude specific articles from your search, add the algolia-ignore tag to your article in Zendesk.

Exclude parts of an article from the search

To exclude a part of your articles from the search, add special HTML comments before and after the part you want to exclude. For example:

<!-- algolia-ignore -->
<p>This paragraph won't appear in search results.</p>
<!-- /algolia-ignore -->

<p>This paragraph is included in the search.</p>

Allow Algolia IP addresses

If you restrict access to your help center using Zendesk IP restrictions, you need to allow these Algolia IP addresses:

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