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Powerful site search experiences for happier users and better business results

Using advanced features that unlock discovery pathways, we let you respond to a customer's intent while impacting the outcomes that matter most to your business.

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See how our search solution helps users discover content and enterprises improve business outcomes.


Boost your KPIs

Algolia's secures measurable results, from e-commerce conversions to content discoverability, from media monetization to feature adoption, product satisfaction and NPS.


Drive user engagement

Give users a seamless discovery experience with fast, relevant results that not only capture but anticipate their intent.


Scale rapidly

Algolia is trusted by global organizations for its entreprise-grade scalability. We grow with you, securely.

What our customers are saying?

It’s been a pleasure to actually have a project that starts on time, lands on time, and provides results. It’s also nice to have developers that like the technology they’re working on.

Chloe Martinot
Product Manager, Search Team
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Algolia is a critical part of the navigation experience on Lacoste platforms globally. Not only does it provide the stellar user experience Lacoste is known for, but it more than doubled our global sales.

Julien Nouet
Product Manager
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Algolia helps us achieve our mission by matching our learners to the right content. A huge part of our discovery story is the search experience.

Chris Liu
Software Engineer, Growth
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We’re always looking for ways to improve performance because in the end, the user needs to love the app. And we’ve discovered that Algolia is not only a box, there’s much more behind it.

Antoine Duvignacq
Communication Strategist
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