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Required API Key: any key with the deleteIndex ACL
Method signature

About this method

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Clear the records of an index without affecting its settings.

This method enables you to delete an index’s contents (records) without removing any settings, rules and synonyms.

If you want to remove the entire index and not just its records, use the delete method instead.

Clearing an index will have no impact on its Analytics data because you cannot clear an index’s analytics data.

Clearing an index counts as one operation. Note, however, that this operation is expensive:

  • when you have more than 100 requests pending, your requests will be throttled.
  • when you have more than 5000 requests pending, further requests will be ignored.
  • if needed, these values can be tuned through configuration.




type: key/value mapping
default: No request options

A mapping of requestOptions to send along with the request.


This section shows the JSON response returned by the API. Since each language encapsulates this response inside objects specific to that language and/or implementation, the actual type in your language might differ from what’s written here. You can view the response in the logs (using the getLogs method).

JSON format

  "updatedAt": "2017-12-18T21:22:40.761Z",
  "taskID": 19541511530

Date at which the job to clear the index has been created.


This is the taskID which is used with the waitTask method.

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