API Reference / API Parameters / query
Type: string
Engine default: "" (returns all records)
Parameter syntax
$index->search('my query');

Can be used in these methods:

About this parameter

The text to search in the index.

In Algolia’s documentation, the terms “query”, “query terms”, and “search text” mean the same thing: the text used to search the index.

Usage notes

  • If the text is empty or absent, the search will match every object in your index.
  • There’s a maximum of 512 characters per query. If a search query is longer, the API will return an error.

Don’t confuse a “query”, the search information entered by a user, with other search parameters, which you can use to further interrogate search responses.


Search a query

$results = $index->search('my query');

Return every record

When searching with an empty query, it will return every record in your index ordered by custom ranking.

$results = $index->search('');
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