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Algolia SearchBundle


This bundle provides an easy way to integrate Algolia Search into your Symfony application (using Doctrine). It allows you to index your data, keep it in sync, and search through it.


This documentation refers to the Algolia/SearchBundle 4.0 and later. It’s compatible with Symfony 3.4 LTS and Symfony 4.0 (and later).

What’s new

In v4, our aim was to simplifiy the bundle while giving you more power over your operations:

  • Simple: You can get started with only 5 lines of YAML
  • Robust: It benefits from all the new features of our PHP Client v2, like the wait() method
  • Flexible: All methods take optional $requestOptions to let you handle your data as you wish
  • Dev-friendly: Auto-completion and type-hinting thanks to an exhaustive documentation

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