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Dynamic Synonym Suggestions

Synonyms are words that share a similar meaning. Adding synonyms to your search helps your users find relevant results even if they use different words to express the same concept. For example, by adding a synonym for trousers and pants, a search for either term returns identical results.

Dynamic Synonym Suggestions automates finding the best synonyms by looking for search queries that users often rewrite.

Get started

Dynamic Synonym Suggestions are available on Build and Premium plans.

To activate Dynamic Synonym Suggestions for one of your indices:

  1. Go to the Algolia dashboard and select your Algolia application.
  2. On the left sidebar, select Algolia Search Search.
  3. Select your Algolia index:

    Select your Algolia application and index

  4. Open the AI Synonyms page and select Activate for this index.

Send user token with your searches

To find suggestions, Algolia determines how often users rewrite a search term. To make that more accurate, send user tokens with your search requests. For more information, see Distinguish users for analytics.

Review synonyms

The Suggested Synonyms tab shows new suggestions. To show all suggestions, turn off the Show only new synonyms option.

Each suggestion shows more information, such as a confidence score. If you’re sending click and conversion events, you can compare click-through and conversion rates for both alternatives.

Accept or decline suggestions

To accept a suggestion, click Add to configuration (). If you don’t want to add this suggestion to all replicas of this index, turn off the Forward to replicas option at the top. You can edit accepted suggestions in the Accepted suggestions tab.

To decline a suggestion, click Decline this suggestion (x). You can edit and accept declined suggestions in the Declined suggestions tab.

After accepting a suggestion, only edit it in the dashboard, not with the API.

Change synonym types

By default, the AI suggests adding regular two-way synonyms. To change to another synonym type, hover over the suggestion and click the Edit button. Then, click Select Type () and select a synonym type.

Screenshot of the edit suggestions menu with options for changing synonym types

Edit suggestions

To edit a suggestion, hover over it and click the Edit button. Then, you can edit both synonyms, or add more.

Screenshot of the edit suggestions menu showing the synonym to edit

Alternative suggestions

Sometimes, there are multiple suggestions for the same search query. To see the alternative suggestions, click More suggestions.

A list with other suggestions for this synonym

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