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Each UI template comes with a set of functional blocks (“components”) and a demo site consisting of pages created with those components. For example, the Ecommerce UI template’s demo site has:

These pre-packaged components are designed to be as independent as possible, so you can choose the ones you’re interested in. They’re typically composed of InstantSearch widgets, Autocomplete plugins, and non-Algolia components.

The Ecommerce UI template components are cross-platform, all components are optimized to render well on both iOS and Android.

Data sources

The ecommerce experience requires a sources of entity objects. In this example, there are three entity objects: products, query suggestions and search.

Component Description
Product repository Repository providing access to products information.
Suggestion repository Repository providing access to query suggestions and queries history..
Search repository Repository providing access to products indices.

Home page

Component Description
Showcase Organizes media-rich records into easily scannable rows

Product listing page


Component Description
Display products Display multiple products using different layouts (as a grid or list) with infinite scrolling
Product card Map your record structure so that you can display a product card
No results Display different options to users when there are no results for a specific search
Component Description
Autocomplete Display search autocomplete view with search history and query suggestions


Component Description
Filters Filter results from a sidebar drawer
Facets Filter product results with facets
Sort Sort products according to different criteria
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