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Upgrading InstantSearch iOS

As of May 1st, 2024, Apple requires all iOS apps to include a privacy manifest. Ensure you incorporate our provided privacy manifest files into your documentation. For more details, see Privacy Manifest.

Upgrade to InstantSearch iOS v5

InstantSearch v5 introduces a new architecture and new widgets, which brings several breaking changes from the previous versions:

  • No longer an InstantSearch component automatically connecting widgets. You are now in control of the Searcher and responsible for connecting and disconnecting it from widgets and other components.
  • The widgets are now built around Interactors, holding their data and business logic.
    Compared to the previous versions, where widgets were iOS UIViews, now the core of the widget is its interactor, and the UI is behind an interface to ensure minimal coupling.

You can learn more about the philosophy of InstantSearch iOS v5 in What’s InstantSearch. Once ready to start migrating, learn the steps to building an app with InstantSearch in the getting started guide.

The InstantSearch iOS v3 documentation is available on the legacy docs page.

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