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May. 16, 2019

What Is IOS InstantSearch?

InstantSearch is a family of open-source, production-ready UI libraries that eases the usage and installation of the Algolia search engine.

It provides high-level UI widgets that interact with Algolia’s API, to easily build instant-search applications, where you focus on building your UI instead of needing to understand every detail of the Algolia search engine right away.

You are currently reading the iOS InstantSearch documentation. It is dedicated to iOS.

The InstantSearch family is composed of multiple InstantSearch flavors, no matter your front-end stack we got you covered:

InstantSearch iOS

InstantSearch iOS is a declarative UI library providing widgets and helpers for building native, component-driven UIs with Algolia. It provides you a high-level solution to quickly build various search interfaces.

InstantSearch makes it easy for you to build a Search UI:

  • Easy. InstantSearch contains (and hides) all code necessary to make search possible, including connecting to the Algolia servers, sending permissions, selecting indices, and essentially making all API calls.

  • Performs search. InstantSearch gives you simple entry points (called Widgets) into Algolia’s API. These widgets include, first and foremost, the actual query (the “search bar”), which allows you to to vary some of your index settings per search (using search-time parameters). But widgets offer far more, like paging, highlighting, snippeting, and filtering.

  • Builds a UI. Once you have uploaded your data and configured your indices, it’s time to build your application. InstantSearch for iOS offers you UI components (again, Widgets) to design your mobile screen. These widgets not only connect to the Algolia server, and perform all necessary API logic, they generate the HTML, CSS, and JS behind your mobile application.

Need help?

iOS InstantSearch is worked on full-time by Algolia’s JavaScript team.

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