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Implementation Checklist

This checklist details the necessary steps with action items and pointers to help you complete a successful implementation of Personalization.


You need to send events to Algolia to provide the necessary filters to build affinity profiles for your users. We recommend using our API clients to send events.

You’re sending valid events

A valid event consists of a unique user ID, a valid event name, and an index name. If you are tracking items, you need to send a valid objectID. If you are tracking filters, you need to send a valid filter value.

You can also use the Insights log debugger in your dashboard to make sure you’re sending valid events.

You’re sending events with existing index and objectIDs

To retrieve the filters associated with the attributes for faceting of your index, the Personalization feature relies on objectIDs. Make sure you’re sending existing, valid objectIDs.

You’re sending different types of events

There are three types of events you can send: view, click, and conversions. You should leverage them properly to weigh their importance when building user profiles. Unlike our advanced analytics, events don’t have to be tied to searches: they can also be based on browsing activity. You can use the Insights log debugger in your dashboard to monitor the received events.

Personalization strategy

The Personalization strategy drives how we compute user affinity profiles using the filters gathered from the events you sent. You can configure the Personalization strategy directly from your Algolia dashboard or using our API clients.

You’ve defined a valid strategy with events, facets, and a Personalization impact

Please refer to how we recommend scoring the events and facets related to the strategy. You can also test your strategy using the simulator in your Personalization dashboard.

You’re sending the events that you chose in the strategy

You can see the events received during the last 90 days in your Personalization dashboard.

To choose facets in the strategy, you need to declare the attributes as facets, then send events with records that have values for those facets.


Searches leverage the user affinity profiles to boost the search results related to your user’s preferences. We recommend using our API clients or InstantSearch UI libraries to perform searches.

You’ve enabled Personalization

You can enable Personalization either with the enablePersonalization search parameter, or in the index configuration of your Algolia dashboard.

You’re sending consistent userTokens in events and searches

To have personalized results, you must use the same userTokens across both the userToken search parameters and the events you send. Without events, a user can’t receive personalized search results.

You’ve set a non-null Personalization impact

You can set the Personalization impact parameter in your Personalization dashboard at the application-level, or with the personalizationImpact search parameter, at query time.

Next steps

Once you’ve made sure that your Personalization implementation follows the recommendations, you’re ready to A/B test and iterate on your Personalization strategy.

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