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Some upper limits apply to the use of Algolia’s services. This page lists those limits.

Category Feature Limit
Records and indices Index size 102 GB (recommended)
  Number of indices per app 1000 1
  Record size 10K to 100K—based on your plan
  Indexing operations Depends on your plan’s usage unit
  Indexing rate 10K indexing operations per usage unit
  Throttling limit 100 pending requests
  Pending requests 5000 pending requests
  Virtual replicas per index 10 1
  Batching records for an index 1 GB per batch
  Synonyms 10K per index
Filters, facets, and Rules Number of filters 1000
  Values per facet 1000
  Filter score 65535
  Rules per index 10K
  Conditions per Rule 25
Search user interface Query suggestions 100
  Query size 512 characters
  Pagination 1000
Insights and analytics Top searches 1000
  Tag size 100 characters
  Tags processed per index 1750 unique tag combinations every 5 minutes
  Analytics REST API calls 100 per minute per app
Security Number of API keys 5000
  1. You may be able to extend some limits. For more information, contact Algolia’s support team through the Support Center.
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