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Managing indices involves tasks like renaming, copying, or deleting indices, as well as exporting and importing settings. You can complete most tasks in the Algolia dashboard or using the API. If you want to copy an index between different Algolia applications, you have to use the API.

An index’s analytics data is tied to its index. See Indices and analytics to learn more about the effect of renaming, copying, and deleting indices on their analytics data.

Indices and applications

It’s likely that you’ll use multiple indices, for example, if you’re using Query Suggestions, or implement sorting. See Choose between one or more indices to learn more.

In addition, you can also use multiple Algolia applications, for example, to create testing, staging, and production environments. See Manage your Algolia apps for more information.

Creating sitemaps from your indices

To let search engines like Google or Bing find content from your Algolia indices, for example, product pages or category pages, you can create sitemaps.

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