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The digital transformation in business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce puts increasing demands on digital user experiences. Today, over 90% of B2B purchases start with a search, and most interactions already occur through digital channels. To stay competitive, you need to borrow the best from B2C and address the specific challenges of B2B ecommerce.

With Algolia, you can benefit from these features:

  • Powerful, integrated search. You can leverage Algolia’s user interface libraries Autocomplete and InstantSearch.js to build powerful search interfaces that support B2B buyers’ needs. With Autocomplete, you can use predictive search suggestions that include the latest trends and speed up recurring purchases. In the integrated search, buyers can seamlessly search products, FAQs, technical specifications, or other information.
  • Search by SKU and other numbers. B2B buyers are looking for particular products and specifications, and want to use product identification numbers, such as stock keeping units (SKU). Make sure to set up Algolia to make it easier to search for product numbers and filter by specific dimensions.
  • Personalized catalogs. You offer many products in many variations, but each buyer may have different access permissions or see a different version of your product catalog. When buyers search or browse, they expect to find only products they’re entitled to see.
  • Personalized pricing. Pricing, inventory stock, and other conditions are customized for each buyer account according to the specific agreements between B2B buyers and sellers. With Algolia, you can ensure that each buyer sees the conditions that apply to them.
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