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Uninstall Algolia for BigCommerce

To uninstall the Algolia BigCommerce app:

  1. If the InstantSearch categories feature is enabled in your Algolia for BigCommerce app, turn it off. If you uninstall the application without turning InstantSearch categories off, you may leave behind unused metafields.
  2. If the Recommend widget template has been enabled in your Algolia for BigCommerce app, remove it in the Recommend tab. If you omit this step, the widget template may be left on your store.
  3. Click Delete integration in the Algolia for BigCommerce app

    Delete integration

  4. Uninstall the app in BigCommerce.
  5. (Optional) To confirm deletion of pages, scripts, and widgets, follow the Manual removal process.

Manual removal

If you didn’t follow the preceding automatic process, you must manually remove pages, scripts, and widgets.

Remove the InstantSearch page

  1. Examine the BigCommerce web pages created for each of your store’s channels.

  2. The InstantSearch Page name matches what you called it in your configuration.

    InstantSearch page name

  3. If you can find the InstantSearch page, delete it

Remove Algolia for BigCommerce scripts

  1. Use the BigCommerce Script Manager to examine all scripts in each of your store’s channels.
  2. Delete the following Algolia for BigCommerce scripts:

    • Algolia Autocomplete Script
    • Algolia InstantSearch Script
    • Algolia InstantSearch Form Script

Remove Algolia for BigCommerce widgets

  1. Go to the BigCommerce Page Builder
  2. Click Layers in the sidebar.

    Delete BigCommerce widget

  3. Make a note of your Placement region name in your Autocomplete configuration.

    Autocomplete placement region

  4. Click the Layer of the Placement region (used to display the layer’s widgets): it’s labeled as Static Widget.
  5. Click the Static Widget in your placement to display the HTML code editor.

    Delete BigCommerce static widget

  6. Use the code editor to verify you are viewing the correct widget

    BigCommerce widget code editor

  7. Delete the widget.

    Delete BigCommerce widget

  8. Save and publish the theme.

Remove Algolia for BigCommerce widget templates

  1. Retrieve all widget templates from the BigCommerce API and make a note of the Algolia Recommend template’s UUID.
  2. Use the UUID to delete the Algolia Recommend template. Deleting the widget template will delete all instances of the widget on your store.
  3. (Optional) Check the BigCommerce Page Builder to ensure the widget template is removed.
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