Integrations / Magento 2

Sometimes, things don’t go as expected. As a developer, logs are a great way to figure out why things are not running smoothly. That’s why the extension provides the ability to enable logging. You can turn logging on by navigating to Stores > Configuration > Algolia Search > Credentials & Setup.

Never turn logging on in production! It can create huge amounts of data and exhaust your server resources quickly. You should only enable logging during development to debug certain processes.

With logging enabled, the extension creates info type logs. By default, Magento writes info type logs to the following files:

  • var/log/system.log
  • var/log/debug.log

The logs capture information on the following events:

  • Full reindex of products
  • Rebuilding a page of products
  • Loading products’ collection
  • Indexing of a single product
  • Indexing of a collection of products
  • Beginning and ending of sending data to Algolia
  • Beginning and ending of removing data from Algolia
  • Beginning and ending of emulation
  • Image loading exceptions that are thrown
  • Miscellaneous errors and exceptions
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