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Algolia for Shopify is a Shopify Plus certified app. You can use it with your Shopify Plus or Shopify stores.


To install Algolia for Shopify in your store, head to the Shopify installation page, enter your Shopify shop domain, and click Install:

Basic information configurations

For search to work, Algolia needs access to your:

  • Collections, products, and blog posts to index them
  • Orders to keep track of the inventory and popularity of your products
  • Themes to install the frontend implementation

Linking the application to your Algolia account

Create or sign in to your Algolia account

You can use Algolia for Shopify with a free plan, but some features like visual merchandising aren’t available. However, you can move to a paid plan later to get the full benefit of all Algolia’s features.

If you don’t have an Algolia account, the Algolia for Shopify plugin lets you create a new one.

Sign up for an Algolia account

Click Get Started to sign in to Algolia with your existing account or to create a new account:

Algolia OAuth login popup

After signing in or creating a new account, the Credentials page of your Shopify app opens.

Set up your Algolia application

On the Credentials page, you can select an existing Algolia application for your Shopify store, or create a new one. After selecting an Algolia application, your API keys are automatically added. Confirm your selection by clicking Save.

Algolia credentials form in the Algolia for Shopify plugin

If you want to install Algolia in multiple stores, you can change the indexes prefix. This setting is a store-specific string put in front of an index name.

After completing the automatic setup, continue with Configure a live store

On the Get started page, click Use manual setup instead.

To link your Algolia account to the Algolia for Shopify plugin, you need to copy your Algolia account credentials into your Shopify plugin. You can find your credentials on your Algolia dashboard under the API keys tab.

Copy Algolia dashboard API keys

The API key section of your Algolia dashboard

Paste API keys in the Algolia for Shopify plugin

Enter your Algolia credentials into the Algolia for Shopify plugin

Copy and paste the following fields from the Algolia dashboard to your application:

  1. Application ID
  2. Search-Only API Key
  3. Admin API Key

If you want to install Algolia in multiple stores, you can change the indexes prefix. This setting is a store-specific string put in front of an index name.

In case of an error, double-check that you copied the correct fields: you might have copied the Monitoring API key instead of the Admin API key.

When successful, you’ll be redirected to the main page of the Algolia for Shopify plugin.

Configure a live store

If you’re running a live store, duplicate the theme you’re using, and implement Algolia for Shopify plugin in that copy.

Duplicating your theme lets you preview changes, check if everything is working fine, and edit your site’s CSS before it goes live.

To duplicate your theme from the dashboard:

  1. Go to the Themes section of the Online store tab
  2. Toggle the Actions tab from the top right of your desired theme
  3. Click the Duplicate option

As soon as duplication is complete, you can go back to your app, reload the page, and choose your new theme.

Duplicating your theme

Installing Algolia into your theme

To install Algolia into one of your themes, go to the Search Options tab, click the Enable on a new theme button, and select the theme you want.

Installing your theme

Publishing your theme

When you’ve tested the changes you’ve made and are happy with how your theme looks, head back to the Themes tab of your store and click Publish theme.

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