01 Jun 2018

Index Your Data

Indexing via the API or Dashboard

For most use cases, we recommend indexing your data to Algolia using one of our API clients.

API clients

Algolia provides API clients for many popular languages. Get started with any of the following languages:


If you’re looking to do some quick experimentation, you can upload your data directly in .JSON or .CSV format to our dashboard.

For a step-by-step process, review our respective tutorials:

Indexing from a Third-Party Platform

If you’re using one of our supported third-party platforms (Magento, Wordpress, Zendesk, or Shopify), we recommend utilizing our official extension to handle synchronizing your data to Algolia. Further information on available frameworks can be found in our “Ecosystem Guide”.

Indexing Concepts

For a deeper dive into indexing possibilities, how to structure your indices and format data, as well as synchronization and update strategies, we recommend reviewing these resources.

What’s Next

After indexing your data to Algolia, it’s time focus on the search interface and relevance improvements, both of which go hand in hand for a great user experience.