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Get inspired and speed up the implementation of Algolia in your Flutter based cross platform app (Android/iOS). The Algolia Flutter Helpers outlined in this guide will help you build an attractive, first-class search and discovery experience.

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Start with a template, not a blank page

The Ecommerce UI template has significant benefits for developers creating an online store:

  • It’s production-ready. As a developer, you can tailor the UI template to your business using pre-packaged, customizable components. You can re-use as much of the template as you like and customize the rest.
  • You get a beautiful, native search and discovery experience.
  • The UI template focuses on great user experience and performance.

What’s a UI template?

The Ecommerce UI template helps mobile developers and UI/UX designers build an online store that matches your business needs. It’s a quick start package, designed to be mobile-first, optimized for UI/UX using Algolia’s UI design kit, and embracing search and discovery best practices.

The UI template has two main screens:

  • Home page, which focuses on product discovery
  • Product listing page, which unifies search and product discovery into a single experience allowing users to find products by combining keyword-based search and facet-based navigation

The UI template uses the best of the Algolia platform:

The UI template is built with:

To start a new project, see Getting started.


To get an overview of the UI template components, see Components

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