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What is AI Personalization?

AI Personalization is a beta feature according to Algolia’s Terms of Service (“Beta Services”).

AI Personalization is a personalization platform that generates user profiles for your users based on their behaviors on your website or app. When combined with Algolia’s NeuralSearch or Keyword Search, you can add search personalization to any website or app.

Advantages of Personalization

Think of Algolia’s AI Personalization as a tool to create personalized experiences for your users as they use your website or app.

For example, a user searching for “apple” and is interested in technology likely wants to see “Apple Inc” at the top of their search results, while users who have a keen interest in cooking may be more interested in seeing “Apple Recipes” in their results.

Better relevance reduces the effort users need to invest in finding what they want. It also encourages them to stay on your website or app longer by presenting them with more options that align with their interests. Due to the influence of companies like Google and Amazon, most users expect a digital experience that customizes results based on their preferences. Algolia’s AI Personalization brings this capability to your business.

What can AI Personalization do for your business?

AI Personalization helps your business get to market faster with personalization. It lets you focus on your core offerings while ensuring that your users see search results that are relevant to them.

For your in-house developers, AI Personalization offers a comprehensive toolkit complete with APIs, user-friendly documentation, how-to guides and practical code examples. This simplifies the steps involved in preparing for personalization and integrating it into your website or app.

AI Personalization also provides a dashboard that lets your business and marketing teams customize their personalization settings, simulate search results, and gain insights into user behavior.

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