21 Nov 2018

Search UI Libraries

A 4-Minute Video Overview of InstantSearch


Algolia’s mission is to help developers implement great search experiences in as little time as possible. To help shorten the development time needed, we have created a variety of JS libraries to help you assemble and customize your search user interface. These libraries can help you handle common needs, like refinement states, syncing the URL, and more.


InstantSearch.js is a JavaScript library of UI widgets for building an instant search experience with Algolia’s JS API client.

A search results page is made up of individual components, also known as widgets. Widgets are UI components for either the search input (search bar, facets/filters, etc.) or the search output (actual results). User experience best practices come baked into the widgets available, allowing you to harness our search expertise. Additionally, the modular design of InstantSearch.js allows you to configure, rearrange and combine the widgets to build your own experience. If needed, you can even roll your own custom widget.

Instant search 1

Many widgets are included out of the box:

  • search bar
  • facets
  • filters
  • pagination
  • sort
  • range slider
  • display results
  • and more!

InstantSearch is also available for:


autocomplete.js is a Javascript library that adds an auto-completion dropdown menu to your search box.

Features include:

  • displaying suggestions to end users as they type
  • show top suggestions as a hint (i.e. background text)
  • custom templates for UI flexibility

The library is available as a jQuery plugin, an Angular.js directive, or a standalone library.


DocSearch is the easiest way to add search to technical documentation.

To get started, fill out the form on the DocSearch website and we’ll respond with the code snippet necessary to integrate your new search into your website. Not only do we handle crawling your documentation pages, we configure and maintain your search experience for you.

DocSearch is provided for free and does not require creating an Algolia account.

Algolia Places

Algolia Places is an address search autocomplete Javascript library that allows you to create address completion menus with only few lines of code. It harnesses OpenStreetMap’s open source database to power the search.

Try these tutorials

If you want to get started building your search UI, here are a few tutorials you might find helpful:

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