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Starting with version 3.11 of Algolia Search for Magento 2, you can use the Merchandising Studio if you’re on a Premium plan. While the legacy merchandising capabilities within the Magento extension shall remain for now, we strongly recommend that users become familiar with this powerful new tool to truly unlock the potential of Algolia.

The Magento 2 extension offers merchandising solutions to promote, upsell, and customize results with these solutions: query merchandising, category merchandising, and the Landing Page Builder.

Query Merchandising

The Query Merchandiser lets you easily promote or demote products for a search. Based on Rules, the Query Merchandiser allows you to enhance the ranking behavior for specific search queries. It also offers visual customizations to add banners for individual queries.

You can learn more about Query Merchandising on our dedicated page.

Category Merchandising

The Category Merchandiser lets you easily manage the order in which products are displayed on an Algolia-powered category page. With the drag-and-drop system, products can be moved up, down, or pinned in the hierarchy to move them to the desired position.

You can learn more about Category Merchandising on our dedicated page.

Landing Page Builder

The Landing Page Builder allows you to create dynamic and unique landing pages to help you merchandise and promote products. You can create pages with their own URLs, customized CMS content, and merchandised product listings. These pages are all powered by Algolia.

You can learn more about the Landing Page Builder on our dedicated page.

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