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The Algolia CLI (command-line interface) lets you manage your Algolia resources from the command line. You can use it to create, copy, and delete indices, update index settings, and more.

Before you begin

To interact with your Algolia resources, you’ll need a (free) Algolia account.

Install the Algolia CLI

You can download binaries for Linux, Windows, and macOS, or install the Algolia CLI using a package manager.

To install the Algolia CLI with Homebrew, run:

brew install algolia/algolia-cli/algolia

Add your first profile

To make working with your Algolia resources easier, create a profile.

algolia profile add

This command stores your Algolia application ID and the API key under a friendly name. You can find your application ID and API keys in the Algolia dashboard.

For more ways to authenticate commands, see Authentication.

Explore commands

To make exploring the available commands easier, set up command completion for your shell.

To see all available commands of the Algolia CLI, run:


To learn more about a command, enter algolia COMMAND—for example, algolia profile. To see available options for a sub-command, add --help.

For example, to see the available options of the algolia profile add command, run:

algolia profile add --help

Share feedback

To see the source code, report bugs, make a feature request, or share feedback, open an issue in the Algolia CLI repository.

Or, run the following command:

algolia open cli-repo
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