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Opt out of telemetry collection

The Algolia CLI collects telemetry, such as the commands you use, your operating system, and your profile information. For details, see Which information is collected on this page.

The Algolia CLI doesn’t collect sensitive information, such as usernames, email addresses, or API keys.

You can opt out of telemetry collection any time.

Opt out of telemetry for the current session

If you’re on macOS or Linux, you can turn off telemetry collection in your current session by setting the environment variable ALGOLIA_CLI_TELEMETRY to 0.

For example, in Bash-like shells, run:


If you start a new shell session, you need to repeat this command if you want to opt out again.

Opt out of telemetry for all sessions

To turn off telemetry collection for all sessions, run:

echo "export ALGOLIA_CLI_TELEMETRY=0" >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile

Which information is collected

The Algolia CLI collects the following information:

Information Description
Usage Which commands and sub-commands you run
System Operating system and version of the Algolia CLI
Profile Number of profiles and the active profile

The Algolia CLI is open source. You can inspect the source code to see in detail, which information is collected.

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