How it works
1. Push your data - 2. Get blazing fast search

Search as a service. Easy to integrate.

Algolia is a fully hosted search service, available as a REST API. API clients are also available for all major frameworks, platforms and languages.

Data transmission between clients and the API is in JSON format.


High Availability. Always up and running.

We designed Algolia's architecture to ensure a 99.99% SLA (service-level agreement). All data entries are automatically indexed on three different high-end servers.

See the current status of our infrastructure at, which is automatically updated each minute by external probes running on Google AppEngine.

Multi-datacenters. Low latency routing.

Users perceive response time as the time it takes for their query to be processed by your search servers. Keep this response time low by choosing the datacenter closest to your users.

We also offer the option to automatically synchronize your indexes on several datacenters, so you can route users' queries to the datacenter nearest them. If interested, contact us at

First-class security. Protect your data.

You'll get the lowest latency by sending queries directly from your users' browsers or mobile apps to our servers.

To do this securely, Algolia lets you generate API keys that restrict access to a specific index, and set limits such as the maximum query rate for an IP address, or the key expiration time.


High-performance. Backed by Nginx.

Algolia's server-side implementation is fully written in C++ and embedded as a module inside the Nginx high-performance HTTP server.

We built our instant search engine from the ground-up with performance in mind, with response times up to 200 times faster than Elasticsearch, and up to 20,000 times faster than SQLite FTS4. We can also run offline on mobile devices.

Check out our benchmark with Elasticsearch.

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