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From December 31, 2023, Algolia’s Search and Discovery application can’t modify the coding of Shopify themes. For more information, refer to Shopify’s Asset API documentation. As an alternative, Algolia offers Shopify’s App Embed and App Blocks features for Autocomplete and InstantSearch interfaces. For more information, refer to the Quick start and Shopify Algolia configuration documentation.

Algolia Search and Discovery includes a search results page powered by InstantSearch. It replaces your default Shopify search results page and comes with several InstantSearch widgets.

InstantSearch results page with widgets for filtering by price range or vendor and products displayed as cards

Enabling the InstantSearch results page

To enable the InstantSearch results page:

  1. Add the Algolia Search App Embed to your theme
  2. Add Algolia App Blocks. App Embed must first be enabled before the App Block will work.


To configure the InstantSearch page, go to the Search options tab in your Shopify app.

InstantSearch configuration screen in the Shopidy admin

Advance customization

You can use custom hooks for advanced customization.

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