Algolia CLI / Commands

Manage your Algolia API keys.

algolia apikeys create

algolia apikeys create [flags]

Create a new API key.


# Create a new API key targeting the index "foo", with the "search" and "browse" ACL and a description
$ algolia apikeys create --indices foo --acl search,browse --description "Search & Browse API Key"

# Create a new API key targeting the indices "foo" and "bar", with the "" referer, with a validity of 1 hour and a description
$ algolia apikeys create -i foo,bar --acl search -r "" --u 1h -d "Search-only API Key for foo & bar"



ACL of the API Key.

search: allowed to perform search operations.
browse: allowed to retrieve all index data with the browse endpoint.
addObject: allowed to add or update a records in the index.
deleteObject: allowed to delete an existing record.
listIndexes: allowed to get a list of all existing indices.
deleteIndex: allowed to delete an index.
settings: allowed to read all index settings.
editSettings: allowed to update all index settings.
analytics: allowed to retrieve data with the Analytics API.
recommendation: allowed to interact with the Recommendation API.
usage: allowed to retrieve data with the Usage API.
logs: allowed to query the logs.
seeUnretrievableAttributes: allowed to retrieve unretrievableAttributes for all operations that return records.

-d, --description

Specify a description of the API key.
Used for informative purposes only. It has no impact on the functionality of the API key.

-i, --indices

Specify the list of targeted indices.
You can target all indices starting with a prefix or ending with a suffix using the * character.
For example, dev_* matches all indices starting with dev_ and *_dev matches all indices ending with _dev.

-r, --referers

Specify the list of referrers that can perform an operation.
You can use the * (asterisk) character as a wildcard to match subdomains, or all pages of a website.

-u, --validity

How long this API key is valid, in seconds.
A value of 0 means the API key doesn’t expire.

algolia apikeys delete

algolia apikeys delete <api-key> [flags]

Delete API key.


-y, --confirm

skip confirmation prompt.

algolia apikeys list

algolia apikeys list [flags]

List API keys.

Output formatting flags


If true, ignore any errors in templates when a field or map key is missing in the template. Only applies to golang and jsonpath output formats.

-o, --output

Output format. One of: (json, jsonpath, jsonpath-as-json, jsonpath-file).


Template string or path to template file to use when –output=jsonpath, –output=jsonpath-file.

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