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Create an autocomplete search experience with InstantSearch iOS

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Instant results

When using the instant results pattern, you fetch actual results with each keystroke and display them on the results page. This approach is most effective either when the dataset is limited or when users have a well-defined idea of what they’re looking for.

For this instant results strategy to provide a good user experience, very fast response time is required to allow the results to be refreshed “instantly” on each keystroke.

For more information, see the blog post on instant results.


With InstantSearch iOS, you get instant results by default: you can specify searchTriggeringMode = .searchOnSubmit on the SearchBox to turn it off.

// For an Instant Results experience:
searchBoxInteractor.connectSearcher(searcher) // default value of searchTriggeringMode parameter is .searchAsYouType

// Alternatively, for a Search on Submit experience:
searchBoxInteractor.connectSearcher(searcher, searchTriggeringMode: searchOnSubmi)
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