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Type: string
Default: "never"
Parameter syntax
schedule: 'schedule'

About this parameter

How often a complete crawl should be performed.

Expressed using Later.js syntax. If omitted, you will need to manually launch a crawl operation in order to update the records.

Important notes:

  1. The interval between two scheduled crawls must be at least 24 hours.
  2. Times will be interpreted as UTC (GMT+0) timezone.
  3. “Everyday” must be expressed as “every 1 day” (not “everyday” or “every day”).
  4. Minutes must be included: “at 3:00 pm” (not “at 3pm”).
  5. Midnight must be expressed as “at 12:00 am” (not “at 00:00 am”).
  6. If no time is specified, the crawl may start at any time, after midnight, UTC.


  schedule: 'every 1 day at 3:00 pm',
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