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Algolia for Salesforce B2C Commerce

Algolia’s cartridge unlocks best-in-class Search and Discovery on Salesforce B2C Commerce.

The integration synchronizes product (including price and inventory), category, and content data, and powers search and discovery for both SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture) and SiteGenesis. You can customize these InstantSearch.js-based experiences to:

  • Match your brand’s needs.
  • Use the backend cartridges on their own to synchronize data for headless, composable storefront integrations, accelerated by Algolia’s InstantSearch, Autocomplete and Recommend UI libraries.

The integration works with Algolia’s Merchandising Studio, search analytics, NeuralSearch, Personalization, and Recommend.


The cartridge is designed for these versions:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud API version 21.7 (compatibility mode: 21.2)
  • SiteGenesis controllers version 105.0.0
  • SFRA version 6.0.0
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