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Algolia A/B Testing

Uncover the best
relevance strategies

Tune and test your search, measure and improve outcomes.

The most advanced companies experiment everyday with A/B Testing

8tracks logo #1 retailer in Spain

“Algolia's built-in A/B Testing provides our business users with the agility to iterate on search relevance, and continuously improve our users' experience. It is the perfect tool to leverage Algolia's transparent relevance logic.”

José R. Pérez-Agüera
Director, e-commerce product management

Improve relevance, accelerate engagement and increase conversion

  1. Ideate

    Leverage Algolia’s unique ranking logic and translate your experimental ideas into new business and textual relevance configurations.

  2. Test

    Choose the split of your traffic you want to test each scenario on, decide for how long this experiment should live, and run the test.

  3. Measure

    With Algolia click and conversion analytics, compare the Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate of your two scenarios.

  4. Improve

    Take actions on those results with confidence thanks to a rigorous two-tailed statistical confidence score.

Experiment without any coding

Launch new experiments in minutes. Any authorized user can test new strategies and improve experience on any device, directly from our dashboard.