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Empowering their customers to track 12 Million packages daily across 100 countries in real-time.

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Empowering local crastfmen by connecting them with buyers at the speed of thought.

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Delivering lightning-fast search solutions to their customers at lightning-fast speeds.

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Connecting millions of users to hundreds of thousands of products in milliseconds.

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What companies are saying

“Algolia allows us to provide our users with lightning-fast, typo-tolerant search no matter where our users are.”

Martin Balas Avatar
Martin Balas Co-Founder & COO, Birchbox

Conversion rate

From searches to checkout.

“Algolia's average response time to a support ticket is just a few hours whereas any ticket submitted to previous services we've used would take about two days.”

Teddy Chan Avatar
Teddy Chan Co-Founder & CEO, Aftership

Time on Site

From users who start with search.

“Algolia Offline helps AllTrails users explore our 50,000+ hand-curated trail guides from even the most remote places in the world.”

Ron Schneidermann Avatar
Ron Schneidermann CMO, Alltrails

Average order value

Compared to former search solution.

“Fast and reliable search is a critical component to Strava's mission. Algolia has been a valuable partner in providing us with the tools to connect Strava athletes.”

Alex Macintosh Avatar
Alex Macintosh Product Manager Growth, Strava

Conversion rate

Compared to former search solution.

“Our goal at 8Tracks is to push the barrier on what's possible in terms of music discovery. That wouldn't be possible without Algolia's API.”

Rémi Gabillet Avatar
Rémi Gabillet Co-Founder & CTO, 8tracks

Conversion rate

Compared to former search solution.

“Algolia helps our users discover live events anywhere in the world in milliseconds”

Dave Yeu Avatar
Dave Yeu VP of Engineering, Livestream

Click Through Rate

Compared to former search solution.

“Algolia enables nonprofits like Idealist to make use of the most powerful technology to connect our users with what matters most to them.”

Ami Dar Avatar
Ami Dar Founder & CEO, Idealist

“Every day, Stripe users around the world get fast and relevant answers to their questions when they search our developer documentation.”

Romain Huet Avatar
Romain Huet Developer Relations Lead, Stripe

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