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Algolia is looking for talented, passionate people to build the world’s best instant search service. As an ownership-driven company, we seek team members who thrive under autonomy. If you think seeking out feedback and giving candid feedback are equally important, come change the world of search with us!

Our five core values

Before Nicolas & Julien created Algolia, they sat down and thought not only about what kind of product they wanted to build, but what kind of business they wanted to build. Two engineers with experience in companies big & small, private & public, they defined their values in order to bring out the best in our team members.

Grit in everything we do

We thrive outside of our comfort zone, pushing ourselves to go ever further. We think long-term and constantly strive to be better, even if things don’t always go as expected. We see learning & success as intertwined.

Trust yourself and others

We trust each other just as we trust our users. We earn that trust by listening to each other, following through with our commitments and keeping our words. We exercise transparency within the company, our customers and our community.

Care passionately

We want the best for our customers, community & colleagues. We go above and beyond to make sure they are happy. We have each other’s backs and help one another succeed.

Be radical in your candor

We are open and honest. We give each other praise and criticism because we want to challenge each other and help one another grow.

Be humble

We want our teammates to succeed as much as we do ourselves. We believe each team member is as important as the other and we approach each new challenge with the understand that we may not have all the answers.

What our employees are saying

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We are passionate about helping developers & product teams connect their users with what matter most in milliseconds!

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