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Mobile Search

Unparalleled Speed

Get results faster than you type, no matter where you are

Ultra Fast Backend

We have built our technology from the ground up with speed in mind. We track every millisecond to optimize it!

Worldwide Performance

Our Distributed Search Network synchronizes your data across the world and routes the queries of your users to our closest servers, wherever they are. See our map

Intuitive Ranking

The easiest way to provide the right results to your users

Transparent and easy tuning

Our tie breaking algorithm outperforms classical approaches in relevance and simplicity. Count on our dedicated customer success team if you need help to tune it.

Improve relevance with your business metrics

Implement a feedback loop in no time based on your numbers of views, sales, likes, or any other business metric. It has never been so easy to implement an adaptable search!

Advanced query flexibility

Automatically handle results with typing mistakes, concatenation & split ("front end" vs "frontend"), and conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese.

Unique Architecture

Taking search hosting to a new level

First-class hosting

  • Always up to date

    You are always using the latest version of the API. All our deployments are done without service interruption and we ensure backward compatibility.

  • 100% SLA

    Your data is automatically replicated across three independent locations. Every component of our stack offers double or triple redundancy, including at the DNS level.

Seamless Indexing

  • Schema-Less JSON

    Whatever the type of your object or its number of attributes, just push your data and start searching.

  • Type detection

    The type of each attribute to be indexed is automatically detected.

  • Order your attributes

    Easily set the relative importance of each searchable attribute.

  • Automatic reindexing

    We automatically update your indices when you modify your configuration. Use our API to follow your jobs’ status.

  • On the fly indexing

    Indexing won’t impact the performance of your search. You can update your data whenever you want!

Highly Secure

We are security freaks: our API was designed with all the potential security flaws in mind. The access to your data is highly secured. We are in control of the entire stack on our servers, starting with the OS.

Build the perfect experience

A suite of features that allows you to meet your Users’ expectations

Instant faceting

Provide as-you-type updated filters and make your search bar a powerful browsing tool.


Algolia works for all languages without extra work. Speed and ranking perform just as well!


Built into our API, you can use the geolocation of your users to optimize their results on the go.

Perfect for Mobile-Search

  • Find-as-you-type, from the first keystroke
  • Forget about fat fingers with our spell checker
  • Native SDKs for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Intuitive Dashboard

Configure, debug and optimize the relevance of your search results from one single interface.


Learn what and how people search on your service: most popular queries, queries without results, etc.

Passionate Support

The entire Algolia team is committed to help you build the best search experiences.

We listen to your needs and propose to you ways to build what is best for your users.
We will always go the extra mile to make sure you’re making the most out of Algolia: consider us part of your team!


Save time! With our resources, we’ve got you covered.

Developer-friendly API

Our REST API comes with 11 API clients and 4 mobile SDKs

Platform integrations

Use Algolia with popular CMS & Platforms.

See all integrations

Developer resources

Use our Step-by-step tutorials and our code resources on Github.

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