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Your users will find Rihanna whether they search for Rhianna, Rihana or Rihanana.

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Open your users up to the world around them with visual or classic geo-search.

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Help shoppers find the pants they’re looking for even if they call them trousers.

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Parlez-vous Français? Doesn’t matter; Algolia speaks French. And 100+ other languages.

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Filters and facets

Make your entire catalog discoverable with drilldown features.

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Detect plural
Remove stop words
Associate synonyms
Most popular matched results
are displayed first

Advanced language processing

Search becomes a conversation when your search engine speaks the same language as your users.

Custom ranking

No one knows your users like you do. Integrate the metrics that matter most into Algolia.


Make every user feel special with a search engine that knows what they like better than they do.

“Algolia allows us to provide our users with lightning-fast, typo-tolerant search no matter where our users are.”

Martin balas

Martin Balas, COO at Birchbox FR

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See what’s working and what needs work

Product dashboard

Analytics & reporting

Algolia’s analytics dashboard helps product teams better understand what their users are looking for most, as well as where they are hitting dead-ends most often.

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“Algolia enables nonprofits like Idealist to make use of the most powerful technology to connect our users with what matters most to them”

Ami dar

Ami Dar - Founder & CEO, Idealist

World-class infrastructure for a mission-critical service

Reliable servers

Say goodbye to outages with our triple-redundant server configuration & DNS fallback system.

Scalable infrastructure

With our Distributed Search Network (DSN), you're just one click away from bringing your search to your users.

Guaranteed uptime

Our 99.9% SLA isn’t just talk. Our payback system aligns your interests with ours: a great service that’s always running.

“Every day, Stripe users around the world get fast and relevant answers to their questions when they search our developer documentation.”

Romain huet

Romain Huet - Developer Relations Lead, Stripe

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API clients and SDK's

Integrate Algolia into your website or mobile app using our SDKs & API Clients

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Extensions and integrations

Update your search index automatically with our fully integrated plugins for Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Zendesk.

“Algolia helps our users discover live events anywhere in the world in milliseconds”

Dave yeu

Dave Yeu - VP of Engineering, Livestream