10 influencers that developers should be following

Times are tough for people and businesses alike, so everyone is on the lookout for inspiration and new ideas. That’s why we’ve gathered together a list of ten of our favorite developers to follow to help you learn about new technology and make the most of your current investments. Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned professional, we recommend taking some time to scroll through our top ten favorite accounts to see who might be missing from your daily feed. 

  1. Jason Lengstorf | @jlengstorf
    Host of the Learn with Jason show, twice a week, Jason brings on an expert guest to have a live discussion about a new technology, skill or concept in 90 minutes. From watching his show you can learn something new about the developer community, from the developer community, and it always goes far beyond a straightforward discussion about programming. Follow his Twitter account to stay up to date on new episodes, and see what other topical stories Jason has to share!
  2. Hussein Nasser | @hnasr
    Hussein loves to discuss the back-end side of development on his Twitter account, and on his YouTube channel and podcast as well! This is a developer you should follow to really dive into the nitty-gritty elements of software engineering, with plenty of educational videos to help you continue your development no matter what level of expertise you are at.
  3. OpenProcessing | @openprocessing
    If you haven’t heard about creative coding, there is a whole world of art, design, education and play that you are missing out on! OpenProcessing is a platform where coders can come together to explore generative art, teach and collaborate with others, and code away at their own sketches in a hassle-free environment. This is a great place to see what some of these artistic coders are up to!
  4. Sarah Dayan | @frontstuff_io
    Of course, we’re happy to say that some of the industry’s top minds work right here at Algolia! Sarah Dayan is one of our software engineers, specializing in building open-source front end libraries. Whether she’s talkin’ developer experience excellence or eCommerce innovation, her tweets are sure to please. Follow Sarah to keep up with what she’s working on or updates from industry events she’s spoken at – from Jamstack London to DevCon 2022!
  5. Kent C. Dodds | @kentcdodds
    Kent C. Dodds is an educator with a particular focus on front-end software development. On his website you’ll find a blog that he writes, remote workshops he hosts, recordings of chats and calls, and opportunities to sign up for courses that will help you level up as a developer. Kent gives great practical advice about software development, so make sure you give him a follow!
  6. Cassidy Williams | @cassidoo
    If you like your developer context interspersed with memes, definitely add this software engineer to the accounts you follow! Cassidy is a CTO, a startup advisor and investor and a developer experience expert. Her account will keep you up to date on new companies that should be on your radar, updates from her newsletter to keep you up to date on the world of web development, plus some fun posts and memes to brighten your day.
  7. Gergely Orosz | @GergelyOrosz
    Author of the Pragmatic Engineer newsletter and blog, Gergely is the person to follow to stay abreast of what is going on in the world of development. With his years of experience in the industry, Gergely has a valuable perspective and great insights to share, from his own work as well as from other experts in the field.
  8. HackerNoon@hackernoon
    Not just for hackers! HackerNoon is a blog for a wide range of technology experts to publish stories sharing their expertise in different areas of the industry, including coding and website development. By following this account, you’ll learn a lot about many different areas of tech.
  9. DEV Community | @ThePracticalDev
    Software developers gather on forums like DEV because this is an industry where the best innovations happen through collaboration. Follow the DEV account to network with other professionals in the field, and find inspiration for your next project!
  10. Sara Soueidan | @SaraSoueidan
    And finally to round us out, we highly recommend following Sara, an experienced design engineer who is dedicated to creating inclusive experiences, and teaching others how to be thoughtful and intentional about accessibility. Sara’s Twitter feed will let you be the first to know about what she’s working on, and what she thinks about some of the latest trends and topics in the world of development.

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