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Today, we’re thrilled to announce our Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Algolia and Salesforce customers now can easily adopt a unified headless architecture to create innovative product-based experiences on every channel — from websites and mobile applications to voice-enabled technology and kiosks — to drive more customer engagement and conversions.

“Algolia plays a key role in Ubisoft’s online experience. We’ve had great results using Algolia, which has been really easy to integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and manage configurations across different countries. We plan on extending the usage of Algolia from 5 to all 17 online stores in 2020. We have noticed a 35% higher conversion rate from search for the latest store where we integrated Algolia.”

– David Leveau, E-commerce project manager at Ubisoft

Let’s explore the capabilities offered by Algolia Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Easily index your catalogs into Algolia

On the back end, Algolia cartridge makes the task of synchronising Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s product catalog to Algolia as easy as a few clicks. Algolia Cartridge automatically indexes Commerce Cloud products and categories to make them searchable, and to power advanced navigation experiences. Joint customers can define what product attributes they want to index into Algolia, make them searchable, display them in the results, or use them in Algolia’s ranking formula.

Augment your existing Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) without any development …

Algolia’s cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with an integration with SFRA. It Replaces the native search and navigation experience to provide fast, relevant, and personalized experiences for online shoppers. The experience can be customized using a comprehensive, open source Javascript framework and pre-existing widgets.

Out of the box, here is what Algolia powers:

Rich product and categories autocomplete with typo tolerant search-as-you-type:

SSFC autocomplete


Full search result pages with dynamic filtering for easy browsing:

2d gif


Category pages with dynamic filtering for easy browsing:


This native front-end integration comes with built-in click and conversion tracking, allowing for click and conversion analytics, A/B testing, personalization and more — all out of the box.

… Or, adopt a headless architecture and power brand new, innovative experiences on every channel

While Algolia Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with a native integration with SFRA’s storefront, customers can only use the indexing capabilities of the cartridge, and build custom, innovative product based experiences on every channel, adopting a headless approach on top of Algolia’s APIs.

Leveraging our API clients, advanced front-end libraries and extensive documentation, Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers can power the product search and discovery on their online stores, but also companion apps for store associates, inventory browser for customer service representatives, in-store kiosks, and more.

Equip your e-commerce and merchandising teams with intuitive tools

Algolia increases commerce teams productivity with a visual merchandising tool, a user-friendly dashboard and advanced search analytics. Launch promotional campaigns and react to the latest trends across channels, or merchandise specific keywords or category pages, in a few clicks.

Users of Algolia cartridge for Commerce Cloud have access to Algolia’s user friendly dashboard to manage the experience, including a visual merchandising tool, easy management of the relevance algorithm, a personalization algorithm management tool and its real-time simulator, an A/B test tool, and more.

Bring together the content of multiple clouds in a unified experience

On top of indexing Salesforce Commerce Cloud products and categories via the Cartridge, Algolia can also index any source of content via its API and Crawler — including content within Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Community Cloud, and Service Cloud—and bring this into Algolia to deliver a unified search and discovery experience. 

How to get started

Algolia for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is generally available today. You can access it via the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace, and read our cartridge documentation to get started in a few clicks.

Algolia partners with world’s leading system integrators and digital agencies that help retailers define and implement the right digital strategies for them. Contact us to start or accelerate your digital transformation!

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