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Endeca migration – why now, why Algolia

Oracle’s Endeca hasn’t been refreshed or supported in years and is now at the end of its life. This puts your business at risk. Join other industry leaders in shifting your search and discovery to a modern solution like Algolia.


When businesses implemented Endeca years ago, it was the best on the market. Giving credit where it’s due, Endeca had powered the search and discovery experience of leading retailers, manufacturers, and other businesses for more than two decades. Today though, we have an Endeca that hasn’t been actively maintained, updated, or modernized in years. We have an Endeca that is now at the end of its life. This puts your business data infrastructure, security, and more at risk.

Having your search implementation on a legacy, unoptimized, and unsupported platform may not only negatively impact your bottom line, but it can also make your security and operating systems more vulnerable, increasing your liability. Others’ lack of innovation forces companies’ hands into migrating to more modern platforms and solutions. Algolia’s modern search and discovery platform is the ideal replacement for Endeca.

Read on to learn more about our best-in-class search and discovery platform and how migrating to it keeps your business competitive, secure, and optimized on all fronts.


Why migrate? The benefits of leaving Endeca behind for a modern and powerful web and user experience

When considering an upgrade from the Endeca platform it can be helpful to weigh the impact to your search and discovery solution, the technical debt of a re-implementation, and the long term impact to your total cost of ownership (TCO). Most Endeca solutions have been optimized over their lifetime to provide excellent speed and reliability, setting the bar high with their users. However, if the speed and relevance are not maintained, the success of both the search and browse experience could decrease.

SaaS (software as a service) solutions have firmly established their value by removing the technical work of upgrades, infrastructure, and security. It is important to know that the SaaS solution is able to meet and exceed your current capabilities. Algolia hosts all customers on a cluster of three servers, housed across at least two independent data centers, and provides an industry leading 99.999 Premium Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is scalable to a global implementation and includes spike protection for critical days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a trusted partner, Algolia provides industry-leading security coupled with the partnership of Premium Support and peace of mind.

Additionally, the industry has not only added incremental performance improvements, but they have also added Artificial Intelligence to better understand the intent of the users and personalize the results. New capabilities are greatly beneficial to the business, but include the effort of capturing the signals and transforming the existing data to utilize the AI model – let alone building, running, and maintaining your own AI model. Algolia consumes the signals that most enterprise implementations capture today and the AI works with most datasets as long as there are enough events.  


Many organizations are considering the need for optimized indexing capabilities (sometimes called real-time indexing, though no search solution is truly real-time), especially when considering historical search or buy online pick up in store (BOPIS). Many solutions are able to make single or batch API calls to update records, but that may not scale to an enterprise solution where parts of a record are owned by different systems (like inventory management, ecommerce management, and content management operating together). Algolia allows multiple systems to operate in parallel with additional optimizations that enable a best-in-class capability to handle large data pipelines in these scenarios. 

When considering the lift of the re-implementation, one of the biggest benefits to a lower TCO is the client library that supports both the frontend and backend implementations. Algolia provides a rich set of client libraries and UI components that are fully customizable and can significantly increase your developers time to values (TTV), now and in the future.  

Be sure to consider all of the features that you are leveraging Endeca for and if they are enabled by a new solution. Algolia does not provide data transformation or experience management capabilities, but does connect to other best-in-class solutions that do provide these features.  

While some features may not be included in the new solution, do consider the new capabilities that are offered, and weigh out the gains and losses. Algolia offers a business user-friendly dashboard and advanced merchandising tools with the Visual Editor and AB testing, enabling stakeholders from any team to make changes and optimize your search.

To discover more of the features, benefits, and steps involved in migrating to Algolia, check out our free Endeca to Algolia Migration Guide.

Algolia is a great fit to help your business leapfrog your digital transformation and stay competitive in your market. The enterprise partnership, reliability, and technical capability are coupled with the tools needed to decrease the TCO of your developers and unleash your merchandisers. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for free today and see for yourself how Algolia can help you better maintain and scale your search experience.

About the author
Micah Garside-White

Solutions Engineer @ Algolia


Endeca to Algolia Migration Guide

Learn how to modernize your search experience by migrating from Endeca to Algolia.

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Endeca to Algolia Migration Guide

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