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  • Algolia allows us to provide our users with lightning-fast, typo-tolerant search no matter where our users are


    Martin Balas, Co-Founder & COO, Birchbox

  • Every day, Stripe users around the world get fast and relevant answers to their questions when they search our developer documentation.


    Romain Huet, Developer Relations Lead, Stripe

  • Algolia's average response time to a support ticket is just a few hours whereas any ticket submitted to previous services we've used would take about two days.


    Teddy Chan, Co-Founder & CEO, Aftership

  • Algolia knows its domain very well and solves client search more easily than any alternative I've seen.


    Eli Allen, Founder, Curtsy

  • Algolia Offline helps AllTrails users explore our 50,000+ hand-curated trail guides from even the most remote places in the world.


    Ron Schneidermann, CMO, Alltrails

  • Fast and reliable search is a critical component to Strava's mission. Algolia has been a valuable partner in providing us with the tools to connect Strava athletes

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    Alex Macintosh, Product Manager, Growth, Strava

  • Our goal at 8Tracks is to push the barrier on what's possible in terms of music discovery. That wouldn't be possible without Algolia's API

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    Remi Gabillet, Go-Founder & CTO, 8tracks

  • Algolia enables nonprofits like Idealist to make use of the most powerful technology to connect our users with what matters most to them.

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    Ami Dar, Founder & CEO, Idealist

  • Algolia has become so mission critical for navigating our application that users instantly notice whenever we ship a new enhancement to our Algolia implementation

    Logo flexport

    Owen Millard, Growth Marketing, Flexport

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Convert browsers and visitors to customers with engaging experiences. Powered by features including merchandizing, typo-tolerance, personalization, popularity metrics, and InstantSearch.


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Engage visitors with fresh and trending content and ensure they’re finding relevant pieces from your archives — with lightning-fast indexing, multi-index search, personalization, and analytics.

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Fast and reliable search that scales globally to millions of users and billions of queries so you can focus on shipping products — and not on maintaining your search infrastructure.

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