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Firebase + Algolia

Firestore search with Algolia

Build beautiful, fast, and relevant search for Firebase apps

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Full-text search of your Cloud Firestore data, now in minutes with the Firebase Algolia extension.

  • No code to get up and running

  • Real-time data auto-indexing for scalable and fast search

  • Set up or combine multiple collections, or sub-collections, into a single search index

  • Optimize search ranking to offer the most accurate results

  • Built-in typo tolerance and synonyms, tailored to your database jargon or domain logic

Light a fire on your search

Three simple steps to powerful Firestore search

create free Algolia accountset up Cloud Firestore databaseinstall Cloud Firestore database
    create free Algolia account
  • set up Cloud Firestore database
  • 2. Set up Cloud Firestore database in your Firebase project

    Start creating or adding content in your Firestore database. Real-time updates will be indexed in Algolia.

  • install Cloud Firestore database

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