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What is Algolia

Algolia empowers modern developers to build world class search and discovery experiences without any DevOps. 

Libraries with every major language and framework make it easy to enrich your users' experiences. 

Algolia Android UI Components

Add instantsearch to Android applications

Android InstantSearch UI library is 


  • Provides pre-built UI components following best practice principles for Mobile for Android that remain independent from external frameworks
  • Integrate into your existing UI or app, or use InstantSearch templates
  • Comes with a default CSS theme, completely customizable
  • Manages all business logic for search requests, responses, and states
  • Progressive customization of components (use, extend, or customize)


  • Compatible with all current versions of the underlying Android library
  • Code is entirely open source and available on GitHub
  • Bootstrap your application, with create-instantsearch-app, NPM, ...

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2fun Search(
3    modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
4    searchBoxState: SearchBoxState,
5    paginator: Paginator<Product>
6) {
7    val scope = rememberCoroutineScope()
8    val pagingHits = paginator.flow.collectAsLazyPagingItems()
9    val listState = rememberLazyListState()
11    Column(modifier) {
12        SearchBox(
13            modifier = Modifier
14                .weight(1f)
15                .padding(top = 12.dp, start = 12.dp),
16            searchBoxState = searchBoxState,
17            onValueChange = { _, _ -> scope.launch { listState.scrollToItem(0) } },
18        )
19        ProductsList(
20            modifier = Modifier.fillMaxSize(),
21            pagingHits = pagingHits,
22            listState = listState,
23        )
24    }
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Sample Applications

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This app lets you scan a shipping label with your phone and sends a Slack message to the recipient of the package

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  • go
  • python