Our tools, libraries, clients, and integrations let you create efficient search implementations in no time. Still, we intentionally made them non-restrictive: we designed Algolia to be flexible, customizable, and, whenever possible, open-source.

This section showcases and encourages innovative applications of Algolia. You can use it to find solutions to specific problems, discover practical examples of what Algolia can do, or even find inspiration for your own search experience.

Predictive text suggestions

Show the top search suggestion for a user’s input directly inside the search box, letting them quickly access the content they are looking for.

Animated placeholder

Draw your users’ attention to the search bar by mimicking the effect of typing queries.

Visual facets

Improve your search experiences by displaying engaging visual facets that enhance user discovery.

Content carousels

Show items in easily scannable rows, like ‘most popular’, ‘trending’, ‘just for you’, and so on.

Dynamic facets positioning

Update the display order of your facets based on your users’ search query to maximize facet relevance and improve user experience.

Recent searches

Aid repeated searches by combining a user’s recent searches with Query Suggestions.

Federated Search

Use federated search to create a great search, browse, and discovery experience, by displaying multiple types of results on a single query.

Related items

Help your users discover items that are related to the item they’re currently watching.

Category Pages

Create unique pages that showcase a single category of items and add promotional Rules to each category page.

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