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This section describes end-to-end solutions for every use case. Learn how you can combine Algolia’s features, libraries, and tools to design and build best-in-class search and discovery experiences.

With Algolia solutions, you can:

  • Design delightful user experiences with Algolia’s UI kits. Customize them to your needs and get started with industry best practices.
  • Discover innovative applications of Algolia. See real-world examples from Algolia users in the Inspiration Library or browse the Sample Apps repository on GitHub to see what you can build with Algolia beyond the search bar.
  • Build search and discovery experiences by combining Algolia features, tools, and front-end libraries. Algolia comes with many features and a rich ecosystem of tools, clients, and libraries. The solution guides group the implementation in phases for a step-by-step approach.

Use cases

Every project has different search and discovery needs. These needs are addressed by common use cases, which you can combine to create an even richer experience. For example, for online shops, ecommerce solutions are a good start. Later, content navigation solutions can add extra value by integrating editorial content, such as blog posts.

Ecommerce use case

Create engaging and intelligent ecommerce search and discovery experiences.

Content navigation use case

Content Carousels

Solutions for browsing content in rows.

Solutions for showing related content.

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