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Algolia’s tools, libraries, clients, and integrations let you create efficient search implementations in no time. This ecosystem is non-restrictive: it’s designed to be flexible, customizable, and, whenever possible, open source.

This section showcases and encourages innovative applications of Algolia. You can use it to find solutions to specific problems, discover practical examples of what Algolia can do, or even find inspiration for your own search experience.

eCommerce solutions


Solutions to build a best-in-class autocomplete experience.


Solutions to configure different ways to refine and filter results.

Category Merchandising

Solutions to power search and category merchandising capabilities.

Related Products

Solutions that enable users to see related content.

Search Relevance

Solutions that enable you to configure the best search relevance strategy.

Visual Image Search

Solutions that enrich your data from images and enable your users to search using images.

Content navigation solutions

Content Carousels

Solutions that enable to browse information in scannable rows.

Related Content

Solutions that enable to browse information in scannable rows.

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