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Search that will drive your business forward

Build search into your business with a leading-edge technology that will put you out in front of the competition.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Unlimited API calls

Dedicated Solutions Engineer

99.99(9)% SLA with Payback

Worldwide infrastructure that you can count on

Build advanced search use cases over hundreds of millions of objects, without the fear of scaling; thanks to our high-end infrastructure that can support thousands of queries a second, across the entire globe.

Our Infrastructure

We are an Extension of your Team

Consult your very own dedicated Solutions Engineer for implementation reviews, UX workshops, and best practices to ensure you're always getting the most out of Algolia, and have everything you need to build world class implementations.

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We will Never let you Down

Don’t fear downtime anymore; our unique infrastructure setup enables us to offer a 99.99% guaranteed search uptime

Premium Options

Available to Enterprise Customers Only

Backup feature

Premium Support

Need more? Premium Support ensures you have someone on the phone within 30 minutes in case of major outage.

Redundancy feature

Premium SLA

Benefit from a 99.999% SLA with a 1,000x refund factor by hosting your servers on independent datacenters.

Vault feature


Physical and digital security. Protect your data with a firewall and additional encryption at rest.

Spike protection feature

Spike Protection

Scale your search to handle spikes in traffic with access to burst capacity.

Personalization feature


Delight users by offering them a fully customized search experience.

Crawler feature

Website Crawler

Automatically extract data from your site so you can have great search without backend development.

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  • Unlimited Records, Operations and Analytics

  • Dedicated Infrastructure for Unparalleled Performance

  • Dedicated Solutions Engineer

  • Enterprise-class SLA

  • Exclusive enterprise
    premium options

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