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Accelerate your business

Increase customer engagement. Drive conversions. Scale rapidly.

Exceptional user experience



Connect users with what they want immediately, based on who they are, so that they'll stay longer, engage further, and explore more deeply.



Create a differentiated search and discovery experience and shopper-friendly features leading to higher click-through rates and more conversions.



Build search and discovery experiences customized to your unique case, without having to become search experts or spend months on development.

Enterprise services & support

You can rely on us

Premium Support

Receive personalized support, a dedicated number and a 30-minute response SLA in case of a major outage.

Premium SLA

Benefit from an available 99.999% SLA guarantee with a 1000x payback factor in the event of an outage.

Always stay connected

Distributed Search Network

Build a resilient and global search network to provide high speed search capabilities to your users in every corner of the globe.

Spike Protection

Insure against unexpected bursts in search traffic with access to reserve capacity.

Security your business can count on

Algolia Vault

Protect your data with customizable IP restrictions and encryption at rest.

Single Sign On

Connect Algolia to your SAML SSO provider, and streamline user management.



Our presence in 55+ data centers across 16 regions is unmatched. Wherever you are in the world, we'll make your search ultrafast and reliable. Our unique Distributed Search Network (DSN) approach extends the reach of any Algolia cluster into other regions, closer to a customer's end-users.

Security & privacy

Security is a top priority for so we go to extensive measures to ensure your data is secure and compliant. Algolia is in full compliance with SOC2 and SOC 3 certification and GDPR regulations - and maintain the highest levels of security and privacy.


Consult your very own dedicated Solutions Engineer for implementation reviews, and best practices to ensure you're always getting the most out of Algolia, and have everything you need to build world class implementations.

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Powering the world’s most innovative businesses

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Uptime you can depend on

Don't fear downtime on Enterprise plans with guaranteed 99.99% uptime.