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Algolia infrastructure

Exceeding the highest standards

Our presence in +70 data centers across 17 regions is unmatched. Wherever you are in the world, we’ll make your search ultrafast and reliable!

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DSN - Distributed Search Network

Easily distribute your search engine on up to 17 regions worldwide

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Our Distributed Search Network allows you to automatically replicate and synchronize your data across 17 regions, and search queries are automatically directed to the closest data center.

With our DSN, network latency is dramatically reduced.

Algolia on Azure

Fast and relevant experiences at ultra large scale.

Ensuring business continuity

Information security is at the top of our minds since day one.

Disaster recovery

An incremental backup of your data is built every couple of hours.

For a faster service recovery, a client-side encrypted copy of the data is also sent to the closest AWS S3 region.

No matter what, your data won’t get lost!


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