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Combine the art and science of merchandising to create personalized shopping experiences.

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The Merchandising Studio empowers your team to build customer-centric experiences, however complex or deep your catalog — and use data-driven strategies to keep scaling.

Efficient, centralized workflows

Create the best experiences while preserving your margins. From within the Studio, you can curate and automate product results for AI Search, AI Browse, AI Recommendations, and AI Personalization.

Optimal blend of AI and manual controls

Save hours without having to create synonyms or manually assign categories. Pin your bestsellers or let AI do the re-ranking for you.

24/7 optimization

Quickly and automatically show your customers what they need especially during peak season, with industry-leading AI Search that understands buyer intent.

Unified analytics

Say goodbye to spreadsheet chaos. Track high-revenue search terms in real-time, find those that don’t return results, evaluate category performance, and plan for seasonal success with historic insights. Everything you need for a data-driven approach.

Create high-converting, personalized shopping experiences

Powerful set of merchandising tools and functionality in a single user-friendly UI.

Optimize search from conversions to checkout.

Curate and optimize category pages to deliver visual, high-converting browse experiences.

Optimize facets to be displayed to improve the user experiences or align with business objectives.

Automate scalability with pinpoint specificity.

Simplify the creation & implementation of search redirects without any code.

Instantly apply banners within search and category pages without any code

Get a high-level view with drill downs for actionable insights.

Automatically set up and run 1:1 personalization, across the user journey

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Actionable tips & how-to’s from across our platform and customer base.

What our customers are saying

Fortnum & Mason
G-Star RAW
Nobody's child
The Merchandising Studio gives powerful control by surfacing insights and automating their promotions. I can move seamlessly across categories and product assortments, apply changes quickly and easily. Freeing myself up to use my creativity and category knowledge to attract more customers and beat the competition.

Mike Marcoux

Ecommerce Manager
Fortnum & Mason
The Algolia Merchandising Studio has helped visualise our data in a more concise and in-depth manner. The ability to understand our analytics and create rules based off visualising customer queries all in two clicks, means we can react to customer behaviour and trends in a more time efficient way.

Katherine Lee

Online Trading Executive Fortnum & Mason

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Merchandising Studio FAQs

  • Currently, Algolia search experiences can be created and monitored from the Studio. In addition, category experiences can also be created and modified. Algolia AI Recommendations will be incorporated as part of the Studio towards the end of 2023.

  • Yes. It will be possible to easily switch between the Merchandising Studio and the existing dashboard. The Merchandising Studio will leverage features that already exist (like Analytics, Visual Editor, Synonyms) but presented through an interface optimized for ecommerce business teams, aimed at maximizing productivity and efficiency. The existing dashboard will remain the same. It will be the preferred interface for developers and non-retail customers. 

  • Yes, you can toggle between the two workspaces. Rules created in one will reflect in the other as well.

  • The Merchandising Studio is currently accessible to all customers with a Premium Plan, with no additional cost.

  • To open the Merchandising Studio, click on the workspace switcher located on the top-right corner of the header in the Algolia dashboard.