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Algolia Understand for ecommerce

The new API from Algolia that offers natural language understanding and AI for ecommerce.

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A faster path to conversion

Customers that know exactly what they want are your most valuable customers. Use NLU to get them to check out faster.

Illustration for 'The old way'

The old way

Illustration for 'With understand'

With Understand

Illustration for "Understand Complex Requests"

Understand complex requests

Customers don’t want to be reduced to simple keywords. The NLU behind Understand makes sense of those complex questions to move customers to check out faster.

Illustration for "Anywhere You Need It"

Anywhere you need it

Bring natural language understanding to search boxes, voice, chat, or anywhere else your customers are asking questions.

Powered by ML, understood by humans

You don't need a Ph.D. on staff to have great NLU. Algolia Understand brings the power you want, without the complexity you don't.

Understand the unknown

You can’t always predict what people will ask for, but Understand can detect important details, such as unknown colors or brands, that you didn’t anticipate ahead of time. You can then feed this data back to your search and NLU.

Insights from AI

  • Advanced filtering

    Your customers want what they want, and they want it now. Advanced filtering can connect even the most specific tastes to the right products, right away.

  • Intent detection

    What do your users want to do? Whether it’s searching for products or searching for help, Understand knows. Customers who are able to quickly achieve their goals are customers who come back.

  • Search integration

    Algolia Understand and Algolia search are a winning combination. While Understand makes sense of complex queries, search connects customers to the products they want. Or use search to train your NLU faster and more accurately.

The difference of understanding

Traditional search engines can work well for keyword based searches. For more complex queries, Natural Language Understanding comes in. It can break down the important pieces of the request and understand what exactly the customers want to do. This gets customers to their desired action quicker, leading to more conversions.

Search bar reading: A funny British show from 1999
Illustration for 'Keyword-only search'

Keyword-only search

Illustration for 'Natural langage Understanding'

Natural langage Understanding

Second illustration helping to understand the difference with and without Algolia Understand

Algolia NLU ecommerce FAQs

  • Algolia Understand currently supports English in all locales.
  • Algolia Understand is currently in closed beta. To learn more about when we will open Understand to general availability,
  • NLU is natural language understanding and NLP is natural language processing. NLP takes language and processes it so that computers can better work with the text. NLU takes language and understands it, or takes its knowledge of natural language to derive the actual meaning of text. See our latest advancements in processing natural language.
  • Algolia Understand is powered by machine learning, which gives it the combination of flexibility and completeness.
  • Algolia Understand works with all textual requests, no matter how they originate. Requests can come through textual search queries or more conversational requests like voice and chat. View our documentation on adding speech to text to your sites and apps to integrate natural language understanding and voice search.

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