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Give your users a personalized experience

Make your user experience more compelling and relevant with Algolia

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New Perso
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“The ability to personalize a user experience across platforms from a mobile experience to a web app provides huge potential for our business and we’re excited to bring this to life with Algolia.”
David Piry Product Manager
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“We’re excited that personalization will allow us to cater to learners’ interests - whether through exposure to a broad selection of learning content or precisely matching content to a very specific intent.”
Chris Liu Software Engineer
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A More Personal Approach

Personalization is a strategy that allows businesses to customize what content a user sees based upon their prior online behavior. This method uses a list of inputs about online behavior to influence and adjust the content that a specific user will see, whether it’s on your homepage, product page, or just within your app.

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Increasing Relevance

Personalization addresses the issue of a “one size fits all” approach. This increases relevance by dynamically displaying content and objects a user is more likely to be interested in, helping to increase engagement while minimizing website bounces. This relevance ties directly to KPI’s such as conversions, average cart size, net promoter scores or increases in productivity.

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Control What’s Important

Personalization gives you control over how the custom content strategy is going to affect your user’s experience. We take a mathematical approach and utilize a coefficient for each ranking each criteria (view, click, or conversion) which will determine its influence towards the overall score. It’s the relation between these coefficients that determine the content most relevant for a given user.

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Ease of Use

We want to make it easy to get your personalization strategy up and running. To do this, we make it transparent how the personalization would impact the ranking of the results, and then make it straightforward to configure.

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