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Personal approach

A More Personal Approach

Personalization is a strategy to allow businesses to customize what content a user sees based upon prior online behavior by including the user’s profile into the ranking strategy. Use a list of inputs about online behavior to influence the content that a specific user will see.


Increasing Relevance

Personalization solves the issue of a “one size fits all approach.” This increases relevance by displaying content and objects a user is more likely to be interested in, increasing engagement while decreasing website bounces. This ties directly to KPI’s such as conversions, average cart size, net promoter score or increases in productivity.


Control What’s Important

Personalization enables technical teams to control how the custom strategy of content is going to be impacted to improve their user’s experience. We take a mathematical approach and utilize a coefficient for each ranking and each criteria (view, click, or conversion) which will determine its influence towards the overall score.

Personalized Journey

Improve personalized journeys

Algolia User Profile API allows customers of Algolia Personalization to export end-user profiles into third-party tools to provide consistent, personalized experiences across the entire consumer journey, from Search and Discovery to point of purchase.

Easy implementation

Easy to Implement and Use

We want to make it easy to get your personalization strategy up and running. To do this, we make it transparent how the personalization would impact the ranking of the results, and then make it easy to configure.

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Practical tips for personalized search

Learn how to surface the right content for the right users with personalization.