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Algolia Recommend

Recommendation API powered by Machine Learning

Boost revenue for your marketplace or ecommerce store with a flexible recommendation API on any device.

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Personalized Query Suggestions

Product recommendation models for every need

Frequently Bought Together
Machine learning

Frequently Bought Together

Drive cross sells by showing your shoppers products that complement their current selection.

Related Items
Machine learning

Related Items

Maximize conversions and catalog exposure with collaborative filtering recommendations.

Personalized Recommendations
Machine learning

Personalized Recommendations

Show your shoppers additional products relevant for them based on their affinities.

Create your own ranking-based Recommendations!

Create your own ranking-based Recommendations!

Most Popular Items, Best Selling Items, Best Reviews… use your own product data to create your own ranking-based recommendations.

“Orange Romania has been using Algolia Recommend technology to retain and convert shoppers landing on out of stock products. By recommending them relevant products, we unlocked 8% additional revenue on our online store.”

Florin Spataru, Digital Marketing Manager at Orange România

Empower developers to drive business results

Easy implementation

Go live and iterate in no time thanks to an advanced suite of API clients and front-end frameworks.

Programmatic control

Build a differentiated experience via a simple API that allows you to filter, merchandise, rank and contextualize recommendations.

Fallback strategy

Automatically default to content based recommendations when you don’t have enough data to power ML based recommendations for specific items.


Bring recommendations to any device and consumer interface thanks to our API first approach.

Scalable and reliable

Algolia Recommend is brought to you by the team that builds and maintains Algolia Search, serving 100B+ search queries per month.

Unified Developer Experience

Combine Algolia Recommend with Algolia Search to power search, navigation and recommendations from one platform.

Get started in no time

Code sample

Deliver value in 3 steps

Three implementation steps
  1. Step one

    1. Select catalog source

  2. Step two

    2. Select ML model

  3. Step three

    3. Recommend products