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Algolia Headless Commerce

Algolia Search & Discovery for Headless Commerce

Deliver rich product and content based experiences on every device and every channel.

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Unified channel ecommerce

Deliver rich, modern and unified commerce experiences across all channels

Algolia is an API first search-as-a-service platform, that comes with front end libraries for many popular frameworks, allowing you to deliver experiences across traditional web, SPAs, PWAs, mobile apps, in store kiosks, inside business applications, and more, from a single platform.

Start your headless journey with Search

The right investment in search can deliver huge improvements for your customer experience. Start simple by enhancing search with Algolia on your existing touch points, using our various integrations orour APIs, and add experiences on new touch points from there. Or leverage Algolia in a fully headless microservices based architecture from the beginning.

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Break content and product data silos

Algolia comes with API clients in 11 languages, various integrations with leading commerce platforms and an advanced crawler, so not only can you index and make searchable your products, but also any editorial, inspirational or help desk content.No matter in which backend this product data and content lives, Algolia can index it and unleash it on any frontend.

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Power true personalized, omnichannel experiences

Create a unified personalization strategy across all of your customer touchpoints.Relying on a single search platform and its AI personalization engine to power experiences across channels means that you can provide consistent, personalized experiences to your shoppers.As they interact with your brand across those touch points, Algolia will learn more about their preferences, and personalize accordingly. Making every experience more rewarding.

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Front-end flexibility, for optimal UX

Algolia’s front end implementation is totally flexible, allowing you to build the experience that matches your exact goals, and exalts your brand.Algolia provides transparent, fully customizable ranking and personalization algorithms, so you can optimize the experience for your specific needs.

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Improve business agility with centralized and intuitive merchandising

Powering all your experiences with a single platform allows your business teams to leverage Algolia’s search management tools to optimize on all devices at once.

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Fully compatible with modern commerce architectures

Whether you call it Headless Commerce, Composable Commerce, Microservices architecture, Jamstack, MACH or Serverless, Algolia’s API-first approach suits any type of modern commerce architecture.Algolia is part of a strong ecosystem of best-of-breed commerce solutions.

Algolia Headless Commerce FAQs

  • Being API first and headless by nature, Algolia is compatible with any headless commerce platform. In addition, Algolia has native integrations with Salesforce Commerce CloudMagento and Shopify.

  • Yes, you can build your own custom front end leveraging our InstantSearch components, learn how to leverage those components to build more advanced front end components following our solutions guides, or even start from a pre-built, packaged commerce search and discovery front end.

  • You can start for free, and Algolia’s general pricing applies.

  • Algolia works with a variety of partners in various geographies that have deep experience in headless commerce and that have accompanied many retailers in their transition to a headless commerce architecture. Contact us to know more.